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Tai Chi


What is Tai Chi?

Tai chi is an ancient technique for health and relaxation. Tai Chi, literally, ‘supreme ultimate fist’ or ‘meditation in motion’ is, as the name suggests, used for meditation and physical and emotional strength and relaxation. It is one of the internal Chinese martial arts and has a variety of training techniques. Tai Chi can utilise both hard and soft technical components and martial skills.

Most training in the art involves learning solo routines, involving slow, soft movements and energy training. Tai Chi is designed to help the body maintain balance and flow. Tai Chi advocates say that this soft martial art helps to release the energy flows from the body. When these energies are trapped, the body can become ill and unwell.

Tai Chi is a gentle Chinese exercise that helps:.

1. Provide gentle physical movement of joints and muscles

2. Relax the body

3. Relax the mind

4. Develop concentration

5. Balance internal energy (or chi which is also known as the Breath of Life)

6. Increase internal energy

7. Store internal energy

8. Improve one's physical balance

9. Improve one's emotional balance

10. Provide a foundation for learning self defence (if one desires) and martial art



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